ALHARAFI Co. has its specialized and skilled personnel. The firm has implemented various projects for a wide range of clients. All of its jobs and works are done to the clients’ requirements, standards and contract specifications and the best technical know-how.


ALHARAFI Co. owns and operates various machinery and construction equipment, it meets the highest standards in quality and ensures smooth and speedy projects completion, and it carry out scheduled maintenance of all the Company's plant / equipment in it's own workshops which are fully equipped to the highest standards and employing fully qualified personnel. All equipment being periodically replaced to maintain first class performance and access to latest technological advances.

ALHARAFI Co. provides equipment carefully selected to achieve optimum results. From the initial day of a project, experienced company purchasers ensure reliable procurement and quality control. This service is maintained throughout the duration of the project.Specialist heavy equipment includes a full range of pipe layers, bulldozers, graders, piling equipment, carnage, asphalt and concrete batching plant, compactors and welding machines.